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If you’ve read my blog or followed me on twitter or been my friend on facebook this past year, you might be skeptical to learn how happy I was to hear yesterday from my attorney that I am officially divorced. It’s been an amazing year thanks to friends and family who have stepped in to change my life. I haven’t been this happy in 20 years.

For the last few months, I’ve stayed away from Twitter. I turned my Twitter account over to my best friend. If I wanted to tweet anything, I told her and she tweeted for me. Today, I’m coming back. I’ll be tweeting about technology mostly, but also life and amazing grace.

I’m working with some people to launch something new that I hope will ultimately be better, more entertaining and fun than GeekBrief.TV. I’m excited about the future. I have so many friends to thank for walking with me this year. It’s been a truly, truly amazing year and I’m not kidding one tiny, little bit!

Thanks to everyone whose listened, prayed and sent good thoughts my way this year!

UPDATE (12/10/11): This post serves as a doorway for a lot of people coming in from Wikipedia. This post reflected how I was feeling immediately after the divorce was final. It’s really strange, 2010 really WAS a good year for me. 2011 hasn’t been so great. I have so many regrets about being nice in the divorce process and not fighting for my share of the business. I trusted what lawyers and Mevio said and they were wrong. I trusted what Luria promised and she was untruthful.

Everything I do that is similar to anything I did before the divorce makes me miss Luria like crazy, so I’ve been exploring new ideas and ventures that don’t remind me of her. I feel like everything is going to be okay, but it only feels like it’s starting to be okay a little bit at a time.

Going through divorce is a horrific experience. It’s made me not trust anyone and I’m working to restore my faith in people again. I’m optimistic, but I have to fight to be positive.

When Luria’s mom divorced her dad, he remained faithful to her until he died. I may change my mind at some point, but for now her dad is my role model, and I’ll continue to hope someday, Luria will apologize and come home or at least apologize and be a friend again.

For now, I’ve started a new gadget show called GadgetReport.TV.

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