Facebook Timeline Cover Template PSD for Photoshop

Facebook Timeline Template Design Sandbox Transparent .PNG
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Facebook Timeline Template Design Sandbox Transparent .PNG

I love the opportunities for creativity within the design constraints of the new Facebook Timeline Cover. I created a Facebook Timeline Cover photoshop template you can download for free (right-click and choose Save File As). It’s a sandbox to play around with design ideas for your Facebook Timeline.

A Timeline Cover has two elements: Your profile photo is the same as before. It’s a 125 x 125 square. The Cover is the new edition and has a resolution of 851 × 315.

Facebook Profile Tips

I like to create Facebook Profile photos in photoshop because it’s easier to control exactly how that photo will look when it’s in that square box. Don’t upload a 125×125 image though. Make your profile photo square with a resolution of at least 800 x 800. Facebook will shrink it down, but when your friends and followers click on it, you want them to be able to see a full-sized photo in great resolution. Your profile photo is contained in a white frame that can be used as a design element that you play with in in relation to it’s place in front of your Timeline Cover photo.

Timeline Cover Tips

The size of Timeline Cover is 851 x 314. When you upload a cover image, you can adjust it up or down, but not left or right, so if you’re using a larger image keep in mind Facebook will use the full width of the photo, but only 314 pixels of it’s hight. I was playing with a Timeline Cover design for Geoff Smith‘s page where he has a very cool profile photo. I put a photo of his daughter holding his baby boy in the Cover space. One photo didn’t work because his daughter’s face was too far from his son’s face. It was an awesome photo, but it didn’t work within the constants of the Timeline Cover space. I found another photo that worked great.

The advantage of working out your design in a Photoshop sandbox is that you avoid uploading lots of Cover images to Facebook that you ultimately end up not liking.

Right-click to download the Facebook Timeline Cover Template PSD for Photoshop here (right-click and choose Save File As) or the Facebook Timeline Cover Template Transparent.png here.

UPDATE: I created a simpler template for just working out and saving new Cover art.

Right-click to download the simpler template PSD.

Here are some of the coolest Timeline Cover designs I’ve found to inspire you…

When you’ve got your Facebook Timeline Cover looking awesome, I’d love it if you shared a link in comments!

UPDATE: I made some new very simple templates you can download here.

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